Critically Explore and Reflect in a Systematic Manner the Delivery of Care to an Individual with a Learning Disability.

Topics: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nursing process Pages: 7 (2566 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The aim of this assignment is to critically explore and reflect in a systematic manner the delivery of care to an individual with a learning disability. I will aim to describe learning disability nursing practice. This will be done with reference to holistic, person-centred approaches, the use of nursing models, within the framework of the nursing process and within the operation of the multi-disciplinary team. These processes and structures will guide and enable me to review and identify an individual’s health care need. Throughout the process of the care delivery ii will be guided and supported through clinical supervision, which will be facilitated by my mentor. Supervision can enable you to develop and assist your learning through understanding your situation and experience (Canham & Bennet, 2002; Thompson, 2002;Bulman & Schutz, 2004). In recent years reflection has become an increasingly significant part of modern nursing practice, which Wolverson (2000). Mentions can enhance the quality of an individual’s care and develop the self-awareness of the nursing practitioner. For the reflective element of the assignment I have chosen to utilise Gibbs (1988) reflective model (appendix) I will not strictly adhere to the model. Nevertheless, I will aim to describe my situation, explore my feelings, evaluate and analyse my practice together, conclude on the experience and explore what I would do if the situation arose again. I aim to demonstrate my personal and professional development, which will endeavour to guide me through the transition from being a student to a registered learning disability nursing practitioner. During my placement with the adult community service I was given the opportunity to work closely with a lady with a mild learning disability who was experiencing some difficulties in dental health. From a personal point of view I chose the lady because of my interest in dental health, as in the past I had successfully supported individuals in this area of health care. The identity of the lady will remain confidential, which is in accordance with the NMC (2008) I will refer to the lady as Jane and all other information that I will mention have been changed. As part of the initial assessment I will aim to discuss my involvement and the therapeutic relationship that I developed with Jane. Feely (1994); Tait & Genders (2002) and Carpenito-Moyet (2007) consider the assessment to be the most important interaction the practitioner has with the individual, as it involves them looking at the individual as a unique human being. To enhance my knowledge and understanding of Jane’s needs I will aim to describe Jane’s circumstances leading to her care, her health and medical history, her and her family’s perception of her needs and also Jane’s bio-psychosocial profile. Reflection

From a multi-disciplinary review it was decided that Jane would benefit from a comprehensive assessment, to ensure that Jane’s health care needs could be identified and reviewed. In order to provide a systematic approach in providing Jane’s care the nursing process was used. The problem-solving cycle consists of five interrelated steps. For this care stud I will follow the adopted version (appendix) of the five-stage model of the nursing process (Hogston, 2002 in Aldridge et al 2005) To simplify the structure of the assignment Ii will discuss and reflect the stages of the nursing process separately as practice moves on. Health Assessment

The planning of care commences with the health assessment, which is a continuous process throughout the stages of the nursing process (Tait & Genders 2002; Pearson, Vaughen & Fiztgerald 2005). Part of this initial assessment involved gathering data in relation to Jane, her health and what influences health. Alridge et al (2005) believe this is central to identifying an individuals problems and what potential problems could develop. Although Jane was the main source of information I...
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