Critically Evaluate the Contribution of Jonathan Ive to the Field of Apple Industrial Design

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|UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON | |Critically Evaluate the Contribution of Jonathan Ive to the Field of Apple Industrial Design | |Name: Liaoyuan LI(Luna) | |ID:424390976 | |Group: Salisbury | |12/08/2010 |

In recent years, Apple Inc. has become a leader in the field of computer. Even though Apple was once a- giant in the IT industry, extraordinarily successful Apple Inc. had setback in a recession from 1994 to 1997(Apple Inc. history, 2008). At that time a young designer saved Apple out of difficulty and opened up a favorable new era with his first generation “iMac”. This epoch-making designer’s name is Jonathan Ive. This essay will critically evaluate the contribution of Jonathan Ive to the field of industrial design of Apple. Taking an In-depth look at the man’s design concept, we could easily conclude the reasons for the success of Apple. [pic]

(Jonathan Ive,

Jonathan Ive was born in London, he moved to the United States in 1992 to pursue his career at Apple Inc., and he acts as Apple's senior vice-president of design since 1997. During his career experience, he and his design team won many awards. For instance, in 2003, Ive won the first Designer of the Year award at the Design in London. In 2004, he achieved a CBE award. Moreover, Jonathan Ive has received other awards in the recent years. The Rector...

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