Critical View on How to Overcome Unemployment in Kenya

Topics: Unemployment, Economics, Economy Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Abstract The Youth, who form a critical mass of the Kenyan population, are unemployed. Efforts have been made to alleviate the problem of youth unemployment in Kenya. However, these strategies and efforts have come under intense scrutiny in the recent years with the ever rising unemployment rates. This research set to critically examine the existing strategies and efforts to alleviate unemployment among the urban youth with the view to make recommendations on how best the strategies can be implemented. The research also aimed to suggest other viable strategies to help reduce the unemployment problem. The research was divided into various distinct sections. A situational analysis was carried out to provide an in-depth understanding of the research problem. The base data co11ected was analyzed to help in the formulation of the research problem. During the research proper, the study Population was segmented into strata to represent the various sub-groups in the population. A sample for the study was randomly drawn from the study population. Data was collected through the use of focus group discussions and interviews. From the research findings, it is clear that the problem of unemployment and especially among the urban youth has grown to grotesque proportions. The existing strategies have not been effective enough to combat youth unemployment. The policy deficiencies are aggravated by the general lack of skills and job apathy among the youths, and the general decline in the national economic growth. The research suggests ways through which the existing strategies, and specifically the National Youth Policy and the Poverty Eradication Plan, can be enhanced and be effectively implemented to create adequate job opportunities for the youth. There is need for concerted and deliberate efforts to encourage investment activities as this will expand the economy and the trickle effects would result in jobs creation. The education system should be re-oriented to make it...
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