Critical Tourism Theory and Methods

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Evaluation of Tourism Research

Tourism Research Overview

1. Critical Tourism Theory

* The Concept of Critical Tourism Theory
* Critical Tourism Theory and Data base

2. Qualitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Qualitative Research

* Interview
* Observation
* Focus Groups
* Customer feedback card

* Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Limitation

3. Quantitative Research

* Data Collection Techniques in Quantitative Research

* Survey
* Questioners
* Structured Interview

* Data Analysis Techniques in Quantitative Research







Tourism and hospitality turned out to be one of the very important industry all over the world. Even the governments also started to concentrate on this field as it became one of the major revenue source. The ministries of tourism development made lots of recreational work to attract tourist all over the world. For this work the research is very important to gather knowledge about what attracts the tourists, what need to be done for attract more tourists and it is important to get the statistics to keep tab on the growth rate to identify the impact of the improvement measures made.

There is lots of interaction between the people’s from different countries, communities, religions, regions, language, races. These interactions greatly boost up the tourism and hospitality around the world. Various new techniques and research methodologies are needed to identify and fulfill the requirements of the tourist and find out the customer satisfaction and make innovative steps to attract more number of them and to get a clear picture about the issues which affects tourism, and get proper solution for that.

The research is more important for this industry and various research theories evolved all around the world and researches, case studies and surveys on various aspects of tourism and hospitality.


The knowledge about the tourism and hospitality during the Middle Ages are mainly come from

The pope/priest who has act as the religious heads those who are the one who is very powerful and has control over the social life of the people also.

TRADITION the tradition of the people once people’s started to travel from one place to other place the tradition of the people’s are also started to spread around the world. The tradition of the tourists and native people started to mingle and the traditions started to modified and the changes automatically attracts the researchers who concentrated in the patterns on the social changes in the people’s life. The changes based on the number of tourist visit, their period of stay, their interaction and the relationship between the tourist and natives plays a vital role in the traditional change.

The traditions cannot be changed easily it will take a considerable period of time associated with other factors. Tourism plays an important role in intermingling the traditions and cultures of various country people’s around the world. The tourism not only affects the tradition of local people but also make considerable changes in the tradition of the tourist’s country also.

Tourism and hospitality are now one of the fast developing business sector of this century. In olden days it’s not easy to travel from one place to other place the mode of travelling, climate, language problem are major hurdles for the travel it takes long period of time to travel from one place to other place most of the travels are made either for the purpose of business or as pilgrimage rather than tourism.

Due to the development in the transport the invention of fast travelling vehicles made the travelling faster as well as easier and less costlier. This...

References: 10. Tourism Studies and Social Sciences by Andrew holden,
Published by Roultledge.(2005)
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