Critical Thinking Reflection

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Critical Thinking Reflection

Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities? I believe that receiving a college degree will improve my career opportunities. During a time when searching for employment, I have realized that a lot of the company’s requirements are at least having an associate or even a bachelor’s degree. These requirements are needed in order to apply for the desired position. There are different types of degrees which can be earned by a college student. Just to mention a few: Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree. In my research, I could find articles that supported, and others that opposed my point of view. My research results are listed below.

The data in the article “Skills Match” revealed that higher education is required for a better career. In the course of ten years, nearly one-third of vacancies will demand a higher education level (Carnevale & Smith, 2012). According to Carnevale and Smith (2012), “Roughly 69 percent of those vacancies – about 1.5 million – consist of jobs that require more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree” (p. 22).

Rosenbaum, Cepa, and Rosenbaum (2013) stated the following: Certificates and associate degrees provide significant gains in job rewards over high school diplomas. For students who wish to escape dead-end unskilled jobs, these credentials often lead to better jobs in one or two years, and they allow students to accumulate credits towards bachelor’s degrees. (p. 50) On the other hand, Carnevale and Smith (2010) oppose that higher education is a better chance for a career. “Yet, a higher level of education also is not the answer to greater opportunity” (Carnevale & Smith, 2010, p. n.a.). Carnevale and Smith (2010) added, “In 2018, there will be more jobs in Maine whose highest level of education is high school than jobs for holder of bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees combined.”

I used critical thinking by first...

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