Critical Thinking Personal Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper


Personal Reflection Paper

I have learned a lot of important information throughout this course of Critical and Creative Thinking. I have learned mainly what critical thinking is and how it works. I think that it is important to be a critical thinker. I am going to share with you some information that I learned during this course that helped me use critical thinking more effectively.

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. When you use critical thinking you can examine and analyze questions, issues, situations, and information of all kinds. It is important to use critical thinking because it helps you evaluate all decisions. When you are using critical thinking you are using different combinations of skills. By using critical thinking, it helps you gain a better understanding, concentrate, and deal with frustrations that are blocking your thinking.

There are six different stages of critical thinking. These stages are the unreflective thinker, challenged thinker, beginner thinker, practicing thinker, and advanced thinker. It is important to know what stage you are at. By knowing what stage you are at it will help you distinguish what you need to do in order to move to the next stage.

In the beginning of this course I placed myself as a stage one thinker, the unreflective thinker. I placed myself here because I was deceiving myself about the effectiveness of my thinking. I always thought that my thinking was fine. I had not identified the problems that were affecting my thinking.

Since taking this course I would have to identify myself as the practicing thinker. I know that I am still not where I need to be but I am continuing to push myself to practice. I have realized that practice is a must and I am not giving up. In order to move to the next stage, the advanced thinker, I have got to see that practicing has made me a better thinker. I also have to keep at...

References: The Art of Thinking: A guide to Critical and Creative thought, Tenth Edition, By Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
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