Critical Thinking Paper

Topics: Critical thinking, Reasoning, Logic Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: July 27, 2010
Emotions can have a commanding presence on the psyche. In life, situations that catch us off guard or do not progress, as he or she would like. Disagreements with associates, workplace issues, and his or her views with relation to religion are examples of emotions and bias. Appeal to Emotions is one of the most common logical fallacies, according to Seech (1993), “logical vulnerability as the inability to be logical about the given issue because one is too emotionally invested.” Human feelings act as filters to outline wishes, provide abilities, and rule our instantaneous view. If allowed emotions will rule the decision making process. We must not allow the process of thinking to overrule our emotions. Emotions can also open create a path to the critical thinking process. When he or she is emotional about a career path or education, deeper thinking comes into play about how he or she will achieve the goals of acquiring education; what school will be attended, and a career will make the most money. Love is another emotion that occurs in life and it helps with the critical thinking process. Love sometimes causes some men and women to become inspired wanting to be the best man or woman, he or she can be and it shines a light on the character and morals of the person he or she is involved with. However, if reasoning is not sought after emotions will deter the critical thinking process. Logic in critical thinking is not just looking at the scenario it is the ability to see the underlying problem, issue, and the ability to rationalize the problem. As repulsive as terrorism is, the terrorist’s point of view is understood when seen from the cultural standpoint. Because of enculturation the majority of Muslim boys grow up becoming a part of terrorism in some form. A person who is thinks logically understands terrorism against the United States or any country is wrong because of the harm and devastation terrorism causes. (Revell, 1995). A critical thinker does...
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