Critical Thinking in Nursing

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Critical Thinking in Nursing
November 6, 2013

Critical think in nursing stands a vital skill and expectation from all nurses. In addition, accomplishes more variances when it comes to nursing and critical thinking. These skills remain a crucial aspect in professional nursing. In nursing, critical thinking consist of three main parts: Interpretation, analysis, and evaluation. Each nurse needs to use all three parts of the critical thinking toward being a professional nurse.

Critical Thinking in Nursing
“To become a professional nurse requires that you learn to think like a nurse”. (Critical Thinking and Nursing, 2013 paragraph 3) Critical thinking in the nursing profession must be mandatory. Critical thinking helps nurses how to view a client and determine the type of problems and how to deal with the issue at hand. Critical thinking contains a form of discipline, intellectual process of applying skills, and guidance. Nurses use critical thinking in order to make systematic and logical questions in order to maintain quality of care. This requires adherence to intellectual standards, proficiency in using reasoning, commitment to develop and maintain intellectual traits, and the ability for safe decision making. (Critical Thinking and Nursing, 2013) Requirements

Critical thinking requires specific skills in order to stand effective. These skills remain a vital role in patient care. Interpretation, analysis, and evaluation all play a vital role. Interpretation

Interpretation with critical thinking helps the ability to understand and explain the meaning of information; the ability to communicate effectively to a patient. Analysis
In critical thinking, analysis affects the “investigation” usage of objective and subjective data in order to form a plan of action. Evaluation
Evaluation ensures placement of all the information gathered and determining whether the information contains...

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