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Critical Thinking Essay

By nieka705 Jun 20, 2012 364 Words
Tamieka Smallhorn
Philosophy 105
Professor Kevin Reidhead

Critical thinking is an ability that is possessed by human beings that enables us to reflect on, rationalize and dissect information. It empowers and equips us with the capabilities necessary to solve problems, function logically and plan effectively for future endeavors. Our ability to think is one of the most important processes afforded to human beings. It is the foundation of everything. All that is created was birth from a thought. Critical thinking is influenced by memory in that our brain is like a database that stores past information which determines how we deal with current situations. Thinking has set the boundaries for our past choices in life (Kirby and Goodpaster 2007). From past experiences I have learnt that a behavior that affects you negatively is not easily repeated. For example, when I was a child I almost drowned and because of that I have a phobia for water. Now, as an adult, I will not go in water that rises above my ankles. Connecting such an experience with your thought process differentiates humans from animals. While other animals may think, we seem to be the only animals that think about thinking (Prof. K Reidhead, Phi 105 Mod 1 lecture). It is vital and important that we thoughtfully process past situations in a healthy way. Failure to do so may present roadblocks in our lives. We are what we think. Our thoughts become words, which become actions, and then they become habits and eventually our characters (Kirby and Goodpaster 2007). In all arenas of life critical thinking is necessary and important. Being able to think well and solve problem systematically is an asset to any career (J. Chan, Thinking is a tool and life skill. We should take time to hone this skill so that we may operate at our best at all times.


Johnathon Chan What is Critical Thinking 2004 Gary R. Kirby, Jeffery R. Goodpaster. Thinking: an interdisciplinary approach to critical and creative thought - 4th Ed. Professor Kevin Reidhead Philosophy 105 Module 1 Lecture, 2011

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