Critical Thinking Case Study

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Running head: Critical Thinking Case Study

Critical Thinking Case Study
Charlene Perno
University of Phoenix

AcuScan has been in the business of Retinal security scanning for a decade and is now looking to expand in an every changing market. Revenue for AcuScan has decrease due to an only 40% of the market share. The company is looking to expand with a new product, which will deal with more retail stores.

The company has not added any products since its inception 10 years ago and is looking into a plan that will help increase revenue for the company and bring a new product to the expanding market. Product testing is needed before the product is placed in the market several months from now.

Kelly Thomas is the Chief Engineer of Product Software for AcuScan. Mr. Thomas created the software for the iScanner that is in use today. Kelly feels that the product may not get out on time due to many issues. That the service people are the same people that help develop product, since the staff was reduced 15 % last he feels their may not be enough staff members to help the project along, the product being requested is much more advanced than originally thought and that only one feature may be feasible by the actual deadline. Attitudes towards other staff members about the proposed changes due to lack of outlines and planning have been noted.

Pat Lambert is the companies new Director of Marketing, and wishes to go about things in a different route. Would like to consider an outside contractor for software issues, sees no reason why the product cannot be done in the time projected or even suggests putting out the product without all the changes but by adding versions as things are added and improved upon. Pat spoke to some of the programmers who thought that the product could happen but not all the details were given to the programmers at the time to really know what has to be done. Thinks that Kelly is to set in his ways to see outside the box and not looking at other alternatives. Pat has a self-do, never mind attitude that he will do all by himself without the team to back him up.

Cliff O’Connor is the CEO of AcuScan. He has proposed a new product amidst a budget cut believing a new product will help the company by expanding into new areas. He expects the new product to be done by the August deadline with a limited budget to use for testing, product research and development of the new product.

Chris Martinas is the Vice President of Product Development believes that a new product is just what the company needs for progress in the future. Conflict with Marketing and Development has always been there and will be part of the process. Budget cuts are part of what the company has to do in order to succeed and within the company Chris is recommending Early Retirement for those who wish and voluntary reduction within departments.

Conflicts that have arisen from the key members of the team are as follows. Cliff O’Connor feels that the company can expand to new markets and does not need a big budget to fill the position. With the new people in Marketing and Development he feels that the team can work out what is needed to get the new product on the market within several months. Budget cuts are needed in all areas of the company except for Marketing and Sales. Pat Lambert’s argument is one that people should see outside the box and not just what is in front of you. Pat feels that even if the company does not have to have the perfect version of the product and that the product can still be placed in the market, with newer versions being offered in the future. Pat is trying to understand why things cannot be done on time after speaking with members of the programming team. Pat has sarcastic remarks towards the new product. Kelly Thomas’s argument is that the there is not enough staff to get the project moving at the pace needed to meet the deadline. The...
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