Critical Thinking and a Democratic Society

Topics: Problem solving, Global warming, Solar cycle Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: November 5, 2008
In our society being informed or in the know is beneficial to all. Our ability to apply creative thinking is part of our free society. Most non-democratic societies will not allow creative thinking, mainly because of the fact you are opposing the ruling parties. We also take for granted the critical thinking that is allowed in our society. The punishment for criticizing views in the most non-democratic society’s citizens could be death or worse. Information is the key to solving the problems that have been facing us.

What we sense with our eyes and hear with our ears (especially on the news networks) goes into perceptions and reactions. This leads to choices that we make; like it or not. To what politicians to vote for or what to buy at the store is what happens when our senses get translated. Translation of knowledge and communications of knowledge is at the base of society. I believe that we are limited to what we know and the human condition. It is hard to think outside the box and doing so helped us all out in the long run to be a better society.

Being creative has helped mankind to survive over the centuries. Being creative has helped us come up with new and inventive ways of doing things. We have invented transportation that helps us move faster than ever before. The downside is the global warming that it has caused.

As far as I can tell, we as a civilized people have only been recording the temperatures for one hundred and twenty-eight years. There are other ways of getting temperatures that are done with math and not all the variables are exact. Only a small percentage of CO2 is placed into the air by humans, but this has been increasing fast and has hit higher levels then before. But CO2 is not the only greenhouse acting gas, water vapor is also a factor that both reflects and takes in heat in their cycles or weather. Methane is also a factor by absorbing some bands of the spectrum that water and CO2 do not soak up.

On the moon, you get a heating...
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