Critical Thinking and Writing

Topics: Wind power, Wind turbine, Renewable energy Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: November 29, 2013
In the article “Why renewable energy is a worse option than nuclear” (Business Day, 2012), Andrew Kenny concludes that nuclear is a better choice compared to renewable energy. He presented mainly four arguments to prove his claim. Firstly, he claims that wind and solar generators are not as resource efficient compared to nuclear. Secondly, he believes that wind energy is unreliable. Thirdly, he reasons that wind energy is expensive and it is not economically friendly. Lastly, he believes that nuclear is the safer alternative. The author arguments seem logical. However, he had substantial lack of evidence and his reasoning is full of loopholes. The article is not only abundant in rhetoric traps, but also lacks a macroscopic view on renewable energy as his discussion is mainly focused on a few narrow aspects.

Andrew opens the article by first using connotations such as “strange” and “green religion” which may lead the audience to feel that the house which supports renewable energy is a mislead cult. He then uses slave labour and firewood as an example of renewable energy. However, renewable energy is energy produced from natural resources (ARENA, n.d) and slave labour is not one. He also claims that firewood manufacturing causes environmental calamity in Africa but did not elaborate on what is the calamity. Next, he narrows his whole arguments to mainly the wind and solar energy for the whole article. Andrew misses out on other forms of renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal and many others (ARENA, n.d).

Andrew gave a few factual claims on a wind farm and a nuclear plant and compared the load factor of nuclear plants to wind turbines as part of his efficiency argument. He then claims that the resources required to build the wind farm is more than the amount needed for nuclear plant. It is good that Andrew considered the efficiency of resources required in building a specific plant, but he did not consider if all nuclear plants or wind turbines...

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