Critical Thinking and Sexual Decisions

Topics: Critical thinking, Sexual intercourse, Marriage Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision
When making sexual decisions I do use critical thinking. I do not have sex without examining the situation. When I was separated from my husband for two and a half years I did not have sex with anyone else but he did. When we decided to work through our problems I had a lot of questions for him before we had sex. I ask him who he had sex with during the two and a half years we was separated. I also made him go to the doctor and be tested for the HIV/AIDS virus and to make sure he did not have a STD. When the test came back negative I made the decision to have sex with him but not until then. I know it was not easy for either of us because he keep saying, “We are married why we can’t have sex”. I did not give into his pressures. I knew that if I did not ask these questions it could be deadly for me. Critical thinking is an important part of making sexual decisions for men and women. Many individuals today do not examine their sexual decisions; many make decisions based on emotions. Unfortunately individuals who make decisions about sex due to their emotions they end up regretting their decisions. This is due to the lack of critical thinking about their sexual decisions. An example in my life is that I choose not to have sex without knowing the individual or without that individual passing test about their health, and know who and how many sexual partners they have had. I wait until I know all the facts, and then I make my decisions.
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