critical thinking and ethics

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Critical Thinking and Ethics
The definition of critical thinking is a disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence: ( There are six steps of critical thinking. 1) Remembering- how can I recall key terms, facts, or events? 2) Understanding- how can I explain this idea in my own words? 3) Applying- how can I use this idea to produce a desired result? 4) Analyzing- how can I divide this idea into parts, groups, or steps? 5) Evaluating- how can I rate the truth, usefulness, or quality of ideas and give reasons? 6) Creating- how can I invent something new based on this idea? (Six paths to more powerful thinking. 55-56. Print. 2015, 2013, and 2011) blind- I’m clear about my reasons for acting, I tend to believe that the motive justifies the method. I may unintentionally cause people upset and pain because I’m so focused on my good motive. I tend to believe that ethics is a set of universal rules that everyone must follow, just as I do. I follow the rules - everyone should. My core ethical lens would be Autonomy and Rationality. I’m rational and use my reasoning skills to determine my duties. I prefer rationality over sensibility. I tend to use reason to find the rules of life but my actions are altered do to sensibility, being flexible as I prudently follow my intuition and heart. I favor protecting the rights of individuals and are not swayed from believing that individuals should be able to do what they believe is right even if others may disagree with the results because they may not be fair to everyone else in the community. (University of Phoenix. (). Ethical Lens Inventory. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, AAIJ1DWQO6 – Foundations for University Success website, results received 2014)I myself have many personal ethics and they influences my decisions greatly. But it does depend on what subject we are referring to. There is no universal ethic for everything. In...
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