Critical Thinking and Dictionary Defines Credibility

Topics: Critical thinking, Narrative, Logic Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: September 3, 2010
Since credibility is very hard to define and even harder to earn , media organizations are having difficulty grappling with the fact that readers are finding the media less and less credible . The newspapers are finding it especially hard to compete with other media outlets such as the internet and cable news . The public has found that digital news such as television programs are more credible and up to date compared to newspapers and other printed materials CREDIBILITY : How Leaders Gain It and Lose It , Why People Demand It . James M . Kouzes and Barry Z . Posner The dictionary defines credibility as ``the state of being believable and reliable . When I have credibility , I am confident that I influence people in a positive way . From this book , I learned so well how important credibility is as it is said to be the foundation of leadership and of all relationships that work . Leadership and relationship goes hand in hand... FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CREDIBILITY INTRODUCTION The media presents the public or mass with an avenue of exposure to existing information . The media uses different forms which might be written , oral , visual or even audio . The written forms include the newspaper and magazines . The audio visual systems incorporate Internet and Television . There are several merits and demerits that each of these mentioned communication forms have over each other . The information contained in these sources has certain degrees of credibility Business In the aspect of critical management , evidence manifests as part of the important elements necessary for the development of an effective decision and solution regarding the management issue . However , the gathered evidences are basically useless if do not satisfy the needed characteristic of credibility . Indeed , the factuality and logicality of the evidences are similarly important for the acceptability and substantiality of the business concept . To determine the credibility of certain evidences , these...
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