Critical Thinking and Bandwagon Argument Comment

Topics: Critical thinking, Fallacy, Logic Pages: 3 (482 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Homework: Problem # 2, page 194: Logical Fallacies

2a) the electron could not have been fair – I do not know anyone who voted for the winner.

Logical flaw: inadequate sampling

Comment: this statement concludes based on insufficient evidence. Just because I do not know anyone who voted for winner, do not necessarily outlaw the fairness of the election. Before reaching any valid conclusion, I have to collect some data and evidence from other news sources and compare with my findings

2b) it would be wrong to persecute allied for age discrimination, allied has always been a great corporate neighbor.

Logical flaw: argument against speaker.

Comment: this conclusion is very bias because it is accusing the person because of his age, not because of his work.
2c) the decrease in smoking can be attributed to increase restrictions on smoking in public.

Logical flaw: inadequate sampling

Comment: this message of this statement can fail to convince reader because it does not have any valid data or evidence to support the claim

2d) Bill Jensen’s proposal to create an onsite day care center is just the latest of these harebrained ideas.

Logical flaw: argument against speaker.

Comment: this argument is drawn based on person’s personal attitude. This statement is generalizing the person based on his previous record. Just because his previous ideas did not work, does not mean his latest ideas will not work either.

2e) since the introduction of cola drinks at the start of the twentieth century, cancer has become the second greatest killer in the United States. Cola should be outlawed.

Logical flaw: begging the question

Comment: this statement is attempting to prove its claiming without explaining how cola and cancer is related. This argument omits very important details or information in establishing the harmful effects of cola and how it is related to the outbreak of cancer.

2f) if mutual fund guru peter lynch...
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