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Critical Thinking

By snhxoxo Apr 21, 2015 261 Words
Critical Thinking is a very key part to working in the medical field. You will use critical thinking every time you work. Being in the medical field is going to use critical thinking not only to solve problems but to also save someone’s life. It is going to be very important to be able to use critical thinking in a timely matter. You will use critical thinking to solve problems by carefully thinking over every little detail to the problem and every possible outcome of the way you choose to solve it. You need to always determine whether or not the problem is real. You use critical thinking when you try to determine an assumption because you are trying to figure out what is actually true. When recognizing context you may use critical thinking. Critical thinkers try to avoid making up stories. Using critical thinking is an everyday thing that not many people realize they use. Writing this paper can cause someone to use critical thinking because you have to carefully consider what you are going to write. You use critical thinking in many times of your life especially during school and work. Many people chose not to use critical thinking and just go with the first thing they think will solve a problem. Sometimes you can get lucky and have a good turnout but more than likely it won’t be a good outcome. Using critical thinking is a very vital part to your everyday life whether or not you choose to be an effective critical thinker is up to you.

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