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Critical thinking is a process:
Involves wide range of skills and attributes:
Identifying other people’s positions, arguments and conclusions. Evaluating the evidence for alternative points of view.
Weighing up opposing arguments and evidence fairly.
Being able to read between the lines, seeing the surface and identifying false or fair assumptions. Recognising techniques eg false logic and persuasive devices Reflecting on issues in a structured way, bringing logic and insight to bear. Drawing conclusions

Presenting a point of view in a structured, clear, well reasoned way that convinces others.

Scepticism and trust..
Ability to reflect sceptically
Ability to think in a reasoned way
Method rather than personality trait
Critical thinking and argument
Knowing your own reasons: rational
Critical analysis of other people’s reasoning
Identifying their reasons and conclusions
Analysing how they select, combine and order reasons to construct a line of reasoning. Evaluating whether their reasons support the conclusion they draw. Evaluating whether their reasons are well-founded, based on good evidence. Identifying flaws in their reasoning.

Constructing and presenting reasons
Select and structure reasons to support a conclusion.
Present an argument in a consistent way;
Use logical order
Use language effectively to present the line of reasoning.
Why develop critical thinking skills?
Benefits of critical thinking skills:
Improved attention and observation
More focused reading
Improved ability to identify the key points in a text or message rather than distracted with less important material Improved ability to response to the appropriate points in a message. Knowledge of how to get your own point across more easily

Skills of analysis that you can choose to apply in a variety of situations. Benefits in professional and everyday life:
Precision on what you work and think.
More accurate and specific in...
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