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Critical Thinking

By shawn193 Nov 14, 2014 722 Words

TUTOR: Ms Sharimila Bai
DATE: 10/6/2014

ID No.
Chen Kah Jing

Francis Tan Khai Shen

Junko Takaku

Low Kar Yan

Movie Analysis
Movie Title: Frozen
Main Characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, Sven, Olaf
1. Analysis of Issues
Issue of siblings love has been highlighted in the movie of Frozen. Two sisters, Elsa and Anna have shown their sister love toward each other in different ways. Elsa isolates herself to protect her younger sister from being hurt by the magical power she has. On the other hand, Anna never gives up to seek for her sister regardless how difficult the path is to get back together with Elsa. They are even willing to sacrifice themselves to save each other including their own life. This movie has given a great reflection to our modern society. Many people unrealized they had gradually estranged from their sister or brother and lead to sibling rivalry. They feel regretful after their siblings left them forever and never had the chance to accompany them. Presentation of Argument

Nowadays, people are more concern on their personal affairs rather than caring of siblings. Some people even disengage their relationship with siblings just because of small dispute. They should awake and realize how powerful the siblings love is. It helps them together conquer all problems they faced and feel not loneliness. People should appreciate their blood relation and treasure the moment when they stay together. Reasoning

From the movie, although Anna’s heart has strucked by Elsa magical power unintentionally which her whole body may ended up being freeze but yet she still save her sister without misgiving when Hans raises sword to kill Elsa. This shows how she loves her sister until she is willing to sacrifice herself to defend Elsa. There are some real life examples showing the love between siblings. In April 2014, a ferry sunken tragedy occurred in South Korea has claimed hundred lives. A brother who was supposingly can save himself but he rather to give his life jacket to his younger sister to rescue her out from the ferry before it was completely sunk. He sacrificed himself to save her sister and ended up dead in this tragedy. This shows how valuable of the siblings love is and it is irreplaceable. 2. Analysis of Issues

An issue of shutting oneself out from the rest of the world is shown in this movie. Elsa, the Queen and older sister of Anna, her life is changed after she accidentally hurts Anna with her powers. Ever since then, Elsa’s entire existence is spent living in fear and guilt due to unable to control her powers and eventually she locking herself to the point where everything around her, including Elsa herself become frozen. Young teenager today tend to shut themselves out from the world when dealing with depression, stress and guilty. If things go beyond the control, these emotions can even cost their lives. Presentation of Argument

Many people often choose to distance themselves from everyone when having hard time and finds overwhelming in one day. They should express their feelings to friends and family to seek support and help. Reasoning

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them in,” was a belief that Elsa’s father told her to held for safety purpose after hurting Anna with her ice powers. Elsa carries around the burden of her father’s fear and becomes afraid even to the point of shutting out her sister. She is afraid that she could hurt more people so she flees and ultimately freezes the entire town of Arendelle. Likewise to the young people today, they pull away from people around them and feel themselves like a burden when facing failure. On 9 April 2014, a Tunku Abdul Rahman University College student who was speculated suffered depression from study fell 14 floors to his death and leaving his loved ones heartbroken. It was claimed by the deceased’s friends that he appeared depression several days before his death. If he would have reached out to seek guidance from friends and family instead of remained silent, these people can save him from taking his own life. (603 words)

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