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Child Safety Seats For Big Kids

Child Safety Seats for Big Kids
Child Safety Seats are the best protection a parent can provide to a child when traveling in a vehicle. Child Safety Seats are specifically designed to protect a child from becoming injured in a vehicle collision by ensuring that the child’s brain and spinal cord is protected. This paper will explain the importance of Child Safety Seats and attempt to persuade the reader to ensure that children stay in safety seats until the age of ten. All fifty states have rules about restraining children in moving vehicles and require a child safety seat for children. There are penalties for not obeying to these laws and as a parent it is imperative that children remain in Child Safety Seats for their own safeguards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 3 to 14. This statistic should automatically make properly installed child safety seats a top precedence for any parent. A properly installed Child Safety Seat is installed in accordance with the guidelines presented with the seat; if not properly installed there is a risk of potentially fatal injuries. Properly used Child Safety Seats decrease the risk of death by 70 percent for infants and 50 percent for toddlers. This statistic alone should influence all parents to take into consideration the fact that although your ten year might complain about still having to use a Child Safety Seat or Booster Seat but it is in fact protecting them. (2012) It is a well-known fact that Child Safety Seats protect children from serious spinal cord injuries, abdominal injuries and other severe injuries that can result from a vehicle crash. A child should be restrained in a Child Safety Seat until the age of 10. The law in most states requires that children traveling in a vehicle are properly restrained. It is vital that all child to be in the...

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