Critical Thinking

Topics: Writing, Essay / Pages: 11 (2549 words) / Published: Aug 13th, 2013
John F. Kennedy University
College of Undergraduate Studies

Summer 2013

College Mission:Our Mission is to provide high quality innovative learning opportunities that integrate theory, practice, and life experience in a synergistic collegiate environment.
Program Mission:We transform your life so that you can transform the lives of others.

Instructor: Erik Wennermark
Office Hours: M-R 1:30 – 4:00

Class Days/Time: T/R 8:30 – 10:30, T/R 10:45 – 12:45
Units: 03
Classroom: L4CR4

Course Description: ENG 1010B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
This course continues ENG 101A, including refined essay format, documentation, thesis statement, argumentative organization of paragraphs. ENG 101B is devoted to writing arguments on various topics. Students will develop the basic techniques for offering reasons in support of a conclusion and for gathering information to be used in a substantial research paper. This course is offered primarily in Sri Lanka.

Course Learning Outcomes:
The goals of this course are for you to learn and practice the basics of essay writing. You will learn how to brainstorm ideas, plan and outline; use transitions to tie ideas together; formulate topic sentences and concluding lines in solid paragraphs.

The course continues the practice of taking point-form notes in lectures and from readingmaterial. In addition, you will conduct research and documentation of sources both online(using EBSCO) and in the library, according to APA format.

In the Reading part of the course, you will practice identifying main ideas and supportingmaterial. You will also practice making reading summaries, in oral and written form, andgiving opinions on issues covered in the selected readings.

In order to learn to think more critically, you will discuss the readings and write personalresponses. In all

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