Critical Thinking

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AMBA 610: Critical Thinking Assignment

Simon neil Corporate Solutions
To:Mr. Ldo Perdra (CEO, SSCS)
From:Mr. Augustin (Vice-President of Human Resources)
CC:None (Confidential)
Date:March 18, 2012
Re:Leadership-Development Programs
This is in response to your request for our office to evaluate the merit of Ms. Mitchell’s proposal that we establish and fund a new leadership-development program for our high-potential fourth-year associates.

1.0 Background

At the 2012 year-end senior-management offsite, the director of operations suggested that Simpson Seiler Corporate Solutions (SSCS) establish a leadership-development program to prepare our high-potential fourth-year associates for future advancement into executive positions. Specifically, the proposal was to send 15 employees off-site each year for a three-week program offered by the Irwin Corey Leadership Center at a cost of $7,000.00 USD per student. The total cost to SSCS would be $105,000.00 per year plus approximately the same amount for lost time on the job.


SSCS has been in business for over 75 years. Our average growth rate is 14% per annum. None of our ten senior executives has attended a leadership development seminar and yet our company has been prosperous. This calls into question whether a leadership-development program is even necessary. Moreover, since our leadership has been successful and effective without such programs it appears that leaders are born, not made. In fact, I surveyed your senior staff and all but one agreed with this notion. To quote the famous economist Dr. Julian Andrews, each of us is “born into this world accompanied by a rich, psychical disposition, which furnishes him ready-made all his motivations of conduct… . He can show a demand for nothing that is not prompted by this galaxy of instincts.”

The online reference site Wikipedia defines leadership as “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and...
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