Critical Synopsis : No such thing as…. a “one best way” to manage organizational change

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Critical Synopsis: No such thing as…. a “one best way” to manage organizational change An evaluation of the presented literature provides a variety of models of authors supporting best way to manage organizational change. Burnes argues on Lewin three-step model of organizational change. The author highlights the model of organizational change (the planned approach and the emergent approach) and expressed that both can be used in different situational variables. The author developed argument by first reviewing both the planned and emergent models of organizational change and then moves to discuss the deficiencies of “contingency model of change” However, more authors moved towards the concept of organizational change and expanded the number or steps to organizational change (Brunes 1996). These facts are integral part of approach to manage organizational change.

Within the writing, a standout amongst the most persuasive points of view inside what are known as ‘arranged ways to change is that of Lewin who contended that change include a three stage process: firstly, unfreezing the current conduct; besides moving to the new conduct and, at long last, refreezing the new conduct. The three-stage model was received for a long time as the overwhelming system for understanding the procedure of hierarchical change (Todnem, 2005). Since its plan, the hypothesis has been audited and changed, with stages being partitioned to make more particular steps.

In spite of its prominence, Burnes crictised Lewin's unique hypothesis for being in view of little scale tests, and all the more critically the way that it is in view of the presumption that association act under consistent conditions that can be looked into and anticipated. As a result of such reactions a different option for arranged ways to deal with authoritative change was created that is known as the 'emergent methodology'. An emergent methodology to organizational change sees change as so quick and arbitrary...
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