Critical success factors of PM

Topics: Project management, Management, Project Pages: 6 (1879 words) Published: October 10, 2014
Matilda, A. and Laliana, I.(2012) CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY EU PROGRAMS. This review discusses the work of two authors, Matilda and Lalina (2012) a study of Critical success factors of project Management. The argument will be developed through a critical review of Matilda’s and Laliana’s paper followed by discussing its conceptual bases , research methods, main findings (outcomes) and finally summarizing overall strengths, weaknesses, and significance of the article in the field. The article’s focus is limited to the European Funded projects in Bulgaria and the Authors believe that identifying the critical success factors of project management, significantly helps managers to gear the project focus in order to achieve the project’s main goal within budget, resource and time. The article suggests selected core factors identified through empirical study of project success factors conducted by a sample survey of managers and experts from relevant organizations of projects supported by European programs. According to Matilda and laliana, the previous researches on identifying project success factors are traditional. This is because the researches narrowly focus on the effectiveness of project management tools used by project managers. Though proper utilization of these tools could contribute for the achievement of project goal, there are a wide range of project success factors that can potentially influence the project success. Matilda and Laliana(2012). Matilda and Laliana postulate that the success of a project depends on the fulfillment of some factors which they call critical. They insist on the existence of major factors that are prerequisite for a project to attain its goal. The concepts in the hypothesis sound clear as there are some widely accepted independent factors that significantly influence (which can later be supported with academic findings in the area) the achievement of a project’s intention. The authors didn’t discuss how the absences of the given potential factors make a project fail. The hypothesis in this article is also empirical. It is supported by practical evidences that are found from 132 project managers and project team members. Regarding this point there are some limitations on the types of respondents which I raise later in the evaluation section. The hypothesis is limited both in geography and the type of project it deals with. The article focuses on projects funded by Operational Programs of the European Commission in Bulgaria. When it comes to the literature, Matilda and laliana have established a literature on identifying critical success factors of project management. The authors explain the absence of unified treatment and definition of the concept in the field though there is a general agreement on the significance of sorting out critical success factors in the practice of project management. Matilda and Laliana (2012) provide pretty consolidated detail evidences on what is more important in project management. It’s all about whether project stakeholders are satisfied by its results. This is a widely accepted principle but the problem on this regard is, the authors didn’t specify the types of project as there are different types of projects with various range of goals. For instance, in general terms, the intentions of commercial projects and a relief project are not similar. The same is true to their strategy and level of stakeholders’ expectation and satisfaction. Regarding this issue scholars like, Dr. Arash and Dr. Mehdi (2014) ‘…it is impossible to generate universal checklist for project success criteria suitable for all projects. Success criteria differ from project to project depending on various numbers of issues like size, uniqueness and complexity…’ In addition to this, client satisfaction is very hard to measure Paul and Derek (2008) different stakeholders sense and measure success in different ways...
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