Critical Review of “Fear and Loathing in New York-an Impolite Anecdote About the Interface of Homophobia and Misogyny” Written by Jennifer Doyle Rebecca Hicks

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (1276 words) Published: March 19, 2010
Critical Review
“Fear and Loathing in New York-An impolite anecdote about the interface of homophobia and misogyny” written by Jennifer Doyle Rebecca Hicks
I have chosen an essay on pages 15- 17 in “The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader” by the name of, “Fear and Loathing in New York-An impolite anecdote about the interface of homophobia and misogyny written by JenniferDoyle. I will be summarizing the article as well as the kinds of story that art and history has told about sex and desire. I also will be talking about the difference between pornography and art, and the difference between art and advertisement. I also will be giving a brief background history on Jennifer Doyle, so that we may understand why she chose to write this article. Most of all I will be talking about where do our attitudes about sex figure into the art world? In Doyle’s writing of, “Fear and Loathing in New York”, she talks about how she loves talking and challenging the subject of sex, how they are important in many different areas, such as television, advertisement, homes, sidewalks, and in conversation. (P.15 Cultural Reader) She brings up a conversation that she has with some male colleagues while they are at a club. The men are young and straight and they made a statement that really intrigued her mind. This statement was, “White Male Artists can’t get anywhere in the art world because they “don’t suck dick.” She then interjects that, “I suck dick and it isn’t getting me anywhere”, she says that the conversation paused for a beat, and then rolled along as if she had said nothing, as if she had belched and the only polite response was to act as if no one has noticed. (p. 16 Cultural reader) Doyle says that whetheryou are male or female sexual preference has no relevance in whether you are successful or not. She states, “I wanted to say that they were using a bigoted idea about homosexuality to mask the dynamics of exclusion that define art institutions….., I wanted...
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