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Topics: Evaluation, Identity, Scientific method Pages: 5 (877 words) Published: December 10, 2014
DATE: 14/11/2014
This essay is a critical review of the journal named Experts’ Judgments of Management Journal Quality: An Identity Concerns Model (Peters, Daniels, Hodgkinson & Haslam, 2012). This article mainly develops an identity concerns model (ICM) with the approach of literature review which suggests that such judgments are likely to be shaped by the personal and social identities of evaluators (Kim, Kevin, Gerard & Alexander, 2012). ICM model is for protecting against personal identity threat or a meaningful opportunity to promote social identity. The article built several hypotheses. Then, the authors use the approach of data collection such as questionnaires and analysis to verify the accuracy and practicability of the model.  

The journal evaluators’ judgments are an important aspect when scholars choose journals. The authors suspect that the evaluators’ identities and favors will influence their judgments to the articles. Such judgments are usually not equitable. Thus, this journal is for verifying the hypothesis. The ICM model should be suitable for testing the evaluations of journals. The evaluation of a journal is not simple, both the journals included in various MOS lists and their attendant quality ratings are highly variable and strongly contested (Lewis, 2008). The background characteristics of evaluators play an important role in determining ratings of journal quality (Judge, 2003). In this condition, this journal makes a great sense to reputations of the journals.  

Therefore, based on the analyses of self-reported limitations and future research directions, the authors offer 168 editorial board members rated 44 MOS journals. This article contributes the ICM model of journal quality evaluation. The ICM model brings two claims which could make the evaluations more equitable.  

Throughout the whole journal, the authors used many approaches to support ICM model and verified its accuracy. Firstly, they did many researches about management of organization and collected a variety of assumptions and opinions about journal evaluation. For instance, they cited a great number of books written by the professors in this field. Then they asked the board members doing a questionnaire related to this study. Finally they arranged the data and analyzed it with diagrams and formulas. However, many of these books which they used in the research were published before many years ago, such as Psychological Review (Bruner, 1957). The professional theories are changing all the time. Hence the readers would consider if they could trust these definitions and theories or not.  

The methodology of this journal also has its strengths and weaknesses. As it mentioned above, this journal used data collection as one of its approaches. The authors contacted members of the editorial boards of 44 MOS journals and asked them to complete an online questionnaire and then they used several diagrams to analyze the data and make them clearly. This approach makes the journal more formal and convictive. However, this article is a chapter of a management journal. That means the ICM model would be used in the field of management. The ICM model was texted in a study which has only 168 editorial board members. In this case, this model is not comprehensive. The interviewees should also include the employees. And as we can see from table 2, the aspect of geography is divided into two parts which are U.S and non-U.S. When comparing the U.S. part with the non U.S. part, it is easy to find that the U.S. part is an extremely small part. In this condition, the analysis could be not accurate.  The purpose of the present study was to test a new theoretical model of journal quality...
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