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On October 10th the students of Malvern Collegiate marched to Birchmount stadium in a sea of their school colours, red and black. The day ranged from performances from the marching band to the cheerleading team, but the main reason the majority of the black knights were at birchmount stadium, was to see the Malvern sports teams in action. The girl’s field hockey, boy’s rugby, soccer, and football teams all competed to show their fellow classmates why Malvern is known as a sports oriented school.

The day starts with the walk to Birchmount stadium. With the sound of the marching band ringing through their ears, the black knights march the city streets causing traffic and annoying civilians with every turn until they finally reach Birchmount stadium. I can’t imagine what someone trying to drive by 400 students wearing red and black would even think. As the black knights reached the stadium, they sat down and got ready to enjoy a day of sports. However, the sports weren’t the only source of entertainment for the black knight audience.

As soon as everyone was seated, the MC’s began to commentate. It was Taylor and Carter, the president and vice president. If you know them as well as I do you’ll know that they like to make a lot of jokes, and they know nothing about sports. This is either a very humorous or annoying combination. In my opinion, it was a bit of both. There were also some small events to keep the audience busy. For every goal that the black knights scored, small prizes such as gift cards were given away. This was definitely a good idea, making the black knights watching even more excited when Malvern scored a goal. Not to mention the halftime kicking competition. Who could forget Mr. Do kicking the football wide of the posts? Losing the 50 dollar Cineplex card to a grade 9!

The first team to play was girl’s field hockey. I can’t really deny that it’s not the most exciting sport to see. That’s probably why it’s scheduled to start before the...
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