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Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Western culture Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: February 4, 2013
The Perceptions of Arrange Marriage by Young Pakistani Muslim Living in a Western Society especially the United and Canada was in part was written by Arshia U. Zaidi who is the Assistant Professor at the University Windsor Ontario Canada. The article will examines about the perception of arrange marriage by the second generation females Muslim from Pakistan who happened to live in the western society while their former culture back home still trace it root from the demand of their families here in the western society. When it comes to love, everyone has a choice to marry whoever they want to. But as the Zaidi stated in this article, not so fast by the way of traditional method and the rural way of life in South Asian countries who have a length strong advocate of arrange marriage in their culture. In this article the main focus will be mainly based on three themes: An Attitude toward Romantic of Mate Love Prior to Marriage, Preferred Method of Mate Selection, and finally Reason for Engaging in An Arranged Marriage. The article will examines the advantages and the disadvantages of why arrange marriage is good in comparison to that of the western society way of getting marriage.

The first reason why the attitude toward romantic love prior to arrange marriage by many Pakistanis Muslim females who live in the Western society was that, love supposed to be arranged by the two couples who happen to know each other first before the can get marriages. The other reason why many Pakistanis Muslim females rejected their parents arranged marriage was simply because most of these females knew only one culture and that is western society culture where by free will of choice rule. The South Asian females who have come here to western world understand this culture better than their parents but their parents still wants them to continue with their traditional culture of arrange marriage which is contradicting in real world among these westerners women. The advantage of having a...
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