Critical Response 2

Topics: Philippines, Mobile phone, English language Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao
23th May 2013
Essay: rewrite critical response 2

Texting is a tool that people can use to exchange their messages freely. Abbreviation is often a choice that people quickly use to transfer their information. In the newspaper is that “Mobile phones and Literacy” from 2012 and “ Text messaging and the decline of the English language” in 2012, Samuel Tsung and Louise Dite both discuss texting affect young people with different supports. This essay will critically respond to arguments in both articles. Tsung states that texting is good for young people’s language skills. He states that texting bolster reading and writing skill in youth effectively. As a result, their English language skills can be improved faster. Moreover, he also affirms that young generations have a superior time to live out of the surveillance of their parents by ambiguous messages. Dite argues that text messaging affects youth negatively. She maintains that there are long terms negative effects on English skills when using abbreviations. As a consequence, students break the academic language of English skills and less opportunity to have jobs. Furthermore, she argues that generation gap will be occurred when parents are less opportunity to rear their offspring forcefully. Tsung makes a good point when he states that texting bring advantages to young people’s language aptitude. In the detail, teenagers develop their reading and writing skills efficiently. To illustrate, David Crystal, a professor of linguistic, suggests that the best way to improve reading and writing skills is to practice. This form of learning English helps people to create a good habit. As a result, people can read swiftly and also improve their vocabulary, which leads to an English improvement. On the other hand, Dite fails to convince readers when she states that young people can face long-term disadvantages including the failure in exams when they use...
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