Critical Response

Topics: Plot, Gender, Fiction Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Shareef Sharkawi
English 103
Dr.Sommerfeldt tuesday-thursday

Essay response to "Happy Endings"

In order to respond the question of whether or not Margarete Atwood critiques not only the lives of men and women, but their reading preferences as well, I will demonstrate what is highlighted by a series of experimental fiction scenarios narrated and commented on by Atwood. These scenarios coming together for a common goal; this common goal is educated the readers , and the educational factors tie into the unanimous response of: Yes, Atwood is critiquing the lives of women and men through her illustrations of seemingly very real and everyday experiences of various man and women relationship scenarios which all inevitably (and authentically)end in death. It has been noted that several renowned feminists had taken certain notice to the level of critique Atwood presents towards women, and were not approved; not bias in the least, she is critical of men too throughout her illustrations. Atwood uses the multitude of relationship scenarios as stories in order to cater to the preferences of the reader(s), as most readers prefer certain storylines that mostly end in benign circumstances, or more commonly one that personally relates to them. In doing so, the author has basically insulted plot readers, for the real world does not have a happy ending. Relationships end in sickness, sadness and death. The end (according to Margarete anyways).

Atwood characterizes women based through her representation of relationships of men and women. The characterization and dramatization of women throughout her scenarios aroused suspicions of feminists as to whether or not she was critiquing them. These allegations had some point though. For example, in Story B she depicts women as weak and quite stupid in fact, she does this by allowing her main character to be emotionally abused by a man, while secretly hoping and believing that: ""This other John (the abuser) will emerge like a...
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