Critical Reflection on the Management Course

Topics: Thought, Management, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: November 8, 2009
I came in to this course(management studies) with a very simplistic perception of it, I thought it to be easy as I was from a science back ground having had this opinion all my life. This may have been very shallow of me or maybe to some extent it is true but I cannot change what I believed. Initially I started off with subjects that were not too difficult for me as I had done a few of them at some point in my high school but as time went on I discovered the importance of “ out of the box “ thinking which was something that the science areas did not really use. Initially I had not a very great opinion about the module as it did not seem to have a clear point but the day Professor Macdonald came in and said things like” managers have not always been taught , one correct method” and statements like “the best methods are discovered through experience, “ was the day that got my mind thinking totally differently. “Qualifications show mastering of a science, not an art.”These quotes, the first two ,extracted from lecture three and the latter,five initiated my understand that management studies is infact just giving us simple clues of how to do things but the real methods depend from situation to situation in the real world out there. The course trains our minds in to thinking on the right trail but there are in reality many different paths that can be chosen in order to reach our destination. “ Training does not stimulate ideas, education does”. Our professor said. His lectures taught me that everything cannot be learnt from books and that your own opinion and judgement can actually win you lots of marks in the case of an examination and are also very vital in a real world situation. The course has been structured with many different modules, some initially I wondered about as I did not see them relevant but in the end everything somehow fits in to place like a jigsaw puzzle. They all give you some hints to guide you towards the way one should be thinking when...
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