Critical Reflection

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Critical reflection

Assignment 2. Critical Reflection (50%)
Part A. 1250 words
Due date: Monday 14 October 2013 (hand in during tutorial)
References- a minimum of 7 current and relevant references required and used within the critical reflection to support discussion. Three of these references need to be recent peer reviewed journal articles outlining research in this area.

Task: Students are to critically reflect on the professional responsibilities of managers and leaders in early childhood education and care. In this task, students are to identify and critically reflect on one current professional issue, linked to either 1) early childhood management, 2) early childhood leadership, or 3) advocacy in early childhood. The reflection needs to take into consideration current literature, topics raised in class, or gained from student's placement experience.

To gain a high mark for this assignment, students will have identified a key argument linked to a professional issue in early childhood management, leadership or advocacy, and demonstrate a high level of critical reflection, with their position supported by relevant and current literature and research findings (where relevant). ( THIS IS JUST THE QUESTION SO U CAN SEE IF IM ON THE RIGHT TRACK, THANKS GORGEOUS)

The definition of advocacy is to speak out in defense of a person or person’s rights within society. This defense could be an individual basis, such as defending the rights of a child that’s been abused, has a disability, learning difficulties or other upholding human rights (Ebbeck & Waniganayake 2003). This paper will address the importance of advocacy within early childhood children, how educators are significant advocates of children as they play a major role in their lives. Teachers need to understand the meaning of inclusion and equity in order to support children’s rights and become professional advocates for children. Students with disabilities have been out shadowed, as...
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