Critical Reflection

Topics: Learning, Skill, Training Pages: 5 (2002 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Agency means willingness to do work, willingness to take a decision that will make-work better through skills, and actions, we build over selves in a world that is building us. Workers in their present agency through their work and skills they have. We develop a sense of agency in many ways through our work, career, and education. In the book, “ Mind at work”, Rose helps us understand how school, and career, have the potential to develop the capacities of all students by helping us understand by the cognitive development though any kind of skill such as physical labor, thinking skills, and other. Rose also talks about the how work plays an important role in our life. He mentions that the jobs we do require intellectual skills, and more importantly we should value the intelligence. He talks about how we should have more vocational education ( He is not talking about more, but about reform in vocational education) and in conclusion he said all jobs requires combination of these applied and pure knowledge skills. Rose himself used intellectual skills to overcome, the problems he had in his life. He comes from a very poor Italian Immigrant family; he is a son of Italian Immigrants. He was assigned for a Vocational Educational program, and he needed special help. He had some great skills, which helped him develop a sense of willingness, and acknowledge the importance of work. I agree with the author’s point of agency, and understand what they are, and what we are going to accomplish. For example, rose said Lisa ( Who is Lisa?) don’t wants to flip burgers, she wants to be a welder because she felt the beauty and satisfaction in it and also it will raise her status in society and will help her financially too. This economic motivation worked as agency in Lisa’s life. I can relate this example to my real life as my mother is a high school teacher and my dad works in bank but I didn’t choose to go in their profession. I decided to become a chemical engineer. I made an active choice by not choosing either of profession from my parents and decided to go to university and to get education that will lead me to become a chemical engineer and I will have better carrier and more financial carrier. I made an active choice by choosing chemical engineer profession and not choosing my parents profession because it will raise my status more in society and I will be getting more money. This shows my agency by choosing to go university and to get B.S in chemical engineering. In this essay, I will relate myself with Rose’s description and will show a sense of agency developed in me, through my work and education. It is also important to know the value of work we do, and skills which are used. ( Why and what is the connection to agency?) Reorganize the first paragraph. It is too long and has too many points. Start by introducing the book and giving and overview. Then give the prompt and explain the terms in the prompt. This will lead you to what you want to talk about in this reflection. Why are you telling me about Rose’s life and his background? The comparison between Lisa and you should be saved for the body paragraphs. Cognitive skills significantly affect how a person expresses himself in an educational, and work environment. We should be recognized by the work we do, and value the intelligence. ( How are these two sentences connected? ) In the book, “ Mind at work”, Rose believes that the ordinary worker is not as ordinary as most would see them to be their intellectual processing is not lower in rank than those who would work in the office or in a more sophisticated workplace (book). (If it is not from a specific page than you do not have to say book. You have already acknowledged by starting the sentence in the mind at work.) The author would encourage the readers to rethink whether how they view the blue-collar worker is just and accurate. He says that the American worker is truly undervalued,...
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