Critical Reading

Topics: Critical thinking, Decision making, Source Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Reading is a very important part of learning, as it helps us gather information converting the information in a book, journal, newspaper, etc. into a usable form. It helps you understand a topic of a particular area of study and through out it is how we understand the topic and it is when we start making our own judgment and opinion in the theme. This becomes more important through university, where your are studying a specific subject and you want to extend your knowledge as you are expected to read several sources which will give you different points of view in a particular topic. When we are reading it is very important to remain as objective as possible on the information we are reading so we can understand the text and the information the author(s) is giving us and after a very thorough understanding of the text you may adopt a position agreeing or disagreeing with the point of view the author(s) is presenting you, this is also known as critical reading. This is a very delicate point as the student learns or believe what he or she thinks it’s more important from their point of view, so it is very important to remain as objective as possible in our reading and learning process. Through out the years critical reading becomes more important and becomes a part of your every day life and it is an ability that you have to improve to achieve a better understanding in the different areas of study. But it becomes more important when you use critical reading on your professional life, as you need to have a complete and reliable understanding of the problem and be able to back it up with information, so you can use this information to make decisions. To start explaining how we can use and why is critical reading plays a very important part in business environment, first we will have to explain what critical reading is and what does it seeks. Critical reading plays a very important role in understanding a text when we are researching about an specific topic, because “we...
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