Critical Period Dbq

Topics: United States, Articles of Confederation, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: December 6, 2009
Critical Period DBQ
In the United States from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation was the main form of government. Although the document established a national government, a legislative branch, and land expansion to the west, it still had major weaknesses. There were weaknesses in the social, political, and economical forms of the government. The articles failed to efficiently regulate trade, levy taxes, and predominantly enforce the laws that were written. The Articles of Confederation contained glaring weaknesses in the economy, including the failure to regulate trade. In Document B, it shows the estimated value of exports to Britain in relation to the population. From 1770 to 1775, as the population increased the value of the exports also roughly increased. But after the Articles of Confederation were implemented the growth of the value of the exports ceased. The Articles of Confederation proved to be ineffective in regulating trade which led to the economic depression. The national debt grew from 11 million to 28 million during the time span of the Confederation. Document A was also a response towards the economical affects of the Articles of Confederation. It was a response towards Robert Morris’s taxation and debt management plan. The Rhode Island assembly rejected the plan. The plan allowed congress to collect money from states that were commercially inclined. The Rhode Island assembly say that the plan would go “against the constitution” of their state. But the government needed a unanimous approval from 9 out the 13 states, so consequently Robert Morris’s was never put in order. There were many political weaknesses that were caused by the Articles of Confederation. It conflicted with internal affairs, concerning war, treaties, and currency. The economic depression affected the national army, as they marched to Philadelphia in demand for money, as Joseph Jones states in Document C. He criticizes the government saying “inability of Congress...
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