Critical Incident Case Study

Topics: Seizure, Education, Tonic–clonic seizure Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Critical Incident Case Study & Recommendation
Steven Kim
January 7, 2013
Prof. S. Lockwood

Critical Incident Case Study
* The purpose of this case study is to analyze and provide recommendations based on information presented in our Critical Incident scenario. In the scenario, Mr. Laird, a sixth-grade teacher, is to map a plan of action to accommodate for a new student in his class with epilepsy (Gollnick & Chin, 1988). To assist Mr. Laird in formulating a plan, I would remind him to consider addressing the following four key elements: 1. Creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment for Chris and those of her/his classmates. 2. Classroom awareness of Chris’ medical condition and that it is painless to Chris and that it is not contagious 3. What classmates could expect to see in the event Chris has a seizure per Ms. Chong’s description. 4. Informing and posting steps with actions students are to take to assist Chris in the event he has a seizure in class or while at school.

* Based on information provided in the Critical Incident report, I would first inform school administration of a plan to conduct epilepsy awareness education and training that afternoon. Upon completion of epilepsy awareness education and training, with Chris and his family’s consent via written correspondence, I would inform the class of Chris’ condition the following school day after recapping the lesson from the previous day. * Upon initially meeting with Chris, I would ask what medication, if any, Chris was currently taking, how often, and when was his/her last dose. Additionally, I would ask if s/he would be opposed to helping with conducting epilepsy education and whether, if the opportunity arises, s/he would be comfortable with discussing her/his condition with the class after completion of the lesson block. Furthermore, so I can possibly alleviate a seizure or be able to identify onset of a seizure,...

References: Gollnick, D. and Chinn, P. (1998). Multicultural education in pluralistic society (5th ed.). Upper
Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice Hall
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