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Critical Essay : "Modern Architecture"

By Milanistja1 Apr 15, 2013 665 Words
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

What Does My Future Hold?
This is a question that most people have asked at least once in their lives, and is asked more frequently in light of these changing times.  As we move through the New Earth paradigm shift, it is natural to sense a stronger need to know the future and given the various theories floating about regarding 2012 and beyond, many are left feeling a deeper sense of uncertainty about their future and the future of this planet! The truth is that our future will always be a direct reflection of our current beliefs and thoughts! If we spend the majority of our mental and emotional energy in the past looking for answers, for happier times, or for redemption, we will perpetuate that energy continuum into our future.  Alternately, if we spend the majority of our energy in the future, we miss out on the divinity and clarity available to us in the present.  It is common for some of us spend the majority of our energy focussed in the past while others spend the majority of their energy in the future. Regardless of which direction we are consciously and subconsciously focussing our attention, we are most certainly not spending time in the present! Presence allows us to be aware of our life force, our beingness, our infinite potential, our vision, our divine mission and values, our unique gifts and talents and so on. Presence allows us to expand our multidimensional channels of communication through all of our twelve energy bodies thus fully aligning to the love and light energies of the Creator and our infinite creative potential. In aligning with the energy of creation, we allow ourselves to fully embody our “creation” story which holds the unique frequencies of our soul, our purpose, our ancient wisdom and divine talents, our harmonic structure and our plan of divine evolution. It also divinely connects us with our Oversoul, our soul family, and our “soul mates” thus providing us with the deepest sense of connection; connection to all that is and will ever be! Hence, spending time outside of the present moment disconnects us on all levels, including: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually, socially, creatively, and financially. This disconnection often leaves us feeling isolated, alienated, and alone and leads to adopt an illusion of separation which forces the ego to go into self-preservation mode. When we are in self-preservation mode, the ego (our mind) generates thoughts out of fear that usually begin with “what if….?”. The more “what if” thinking we generate, the more anxiety we create. When we’re feeling anxious, separate and fearful we often find ourselves looking to the future with the hope of happier times, thus generating questions like, “what does my future hold?” Yet, the more time we spend in the future, the more we expand the energies of fear and separation. The more that we expand these energies, the more fear and uncertainty we feel and the more we try to escape to the future with the false expectation that it will be the oasis that our present moment does not seem to be! This can leave us feeling like a hamster on a wheel; constantly spinning (our minds) but never getting anywhere! So, when we ask, “what does my future hold?” we are really looking for our oasis. Our hearts know that our oasis is found through being fully connected in the present moment to the infinite energy of creation, yet our mind has misled us to believe that happiness, joy, abundance, connection, and balance are somewhere in the future. The question, “what does my future hold?” is really a loaded question because there are so many questions and statements that lie beneath it. I invite you to explore what may be occurring for you when you find yourself looking to the future and what you may be looking for.

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