Critical Commentary on Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee

Topics: Explanation, Tell, As Time Goes By Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: November 24, 2006
Critical Commentary on a passage from Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee

This passage starts with the words ‘as time goes on' which suggests to the reader that something happened prior to this, but doesn't explain what. Its goes on to explain that as the children grew up and left home, their mothers little habits got worse and worse. The writer gives good descriptions producing a visual imagery of these habits: ‘plant pots and newspapers left throughout the house, reading more and sleeping upright in a chair.' This to me portrays an image of a lonely person; she could sleep for an hour, rise and scrub the floor or go looking for wood in the middle of the night. Sleeping and scrubbing floors are a relatively normal thing for anyone to be doing but going searching for wood in the middle of the night is not. The writer states ‘Like Granny Trill' this informs us that his mother's mother must have been similar and acted in the same fashion. By telling us this he is justifying her behaviour. However the writer goes on to state ‘even so, whenever we returned for a visit, she was ready, fires burning to greet us……' By using the words even so, the writer is telling us that no matter how strange his mother's behaviour was whenever they went home she was ready and waiting for them. By ending this sentence … its urges the writer to read on, something important is going to occur next. The atmosphere of this passage is of expectancy, I feel the writer is trying to convey an idea that if you read on everything will become clearer and I can sense a deep affection for his mother. It is very vague up to this point, why is he explaining his mother's behaviour?

The … at the end of the first paragraph informs us that the writer has more to say on this matter, and starts with the words ‘I remember' so the writer is beginning to reminisce. In this paragraph the writer conveys a fond memory of his mother, he is reverting to the past to explain this. He goes on to explain...
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