Critical Approach on Calvin Klein X

Topics: Critical thinking, Advertising, Psychology Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Critical Approach

To analyse this advertisement campaign, we use the critical approach theory. The first principle of this theory states that, all media messages are constructed. Some information is included, but much is also left out. Questions are not asked. Using this approach, we realize that in the Calvin Klein X ad campaign we chose, we only see images of muscular men but not pictures of scrawny looking men. The question is, does wearing Calvin Klein X make you look muscular and hot? Is CK X the only way to make you look good? The way the X is placed on the men’s bodies brings the attention of the viewers to the body and not the product itself. What does this mean? The Ad is in black and white, is there a reason for this?

The second principle of the Critical approach theory states that Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules. The typography of the X used in the campaign looks as if it is 4 arrows combined together, pointing at the product. The background colour of the Ad is white, to not draw the attention of the viewers away from the muscular men wearing the product. The way these models pose will engage the interest of viewers. Hard lighting is used in the Ad to make the models appear very strong. The shot size of the Ad makes the viewers focus on the big X right in the centre of the body.

The third principle states that Different people experience the same media message differently. Men will think that wearing CK X will automatically make them look hot and women will think that if their boyfriends wear CK X, it will make them look hot. However, some men might think that this Ad objectifies men into eye candy. This Ad would be more directed to the adults, kids would not be interested in this. Furthermore, parents who are more conservative and people of the older generation, especially in the Asian context will think that this Ad is disgusting. People who are more religious and believe in that not showing your...
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