Critical and Creative Thinking in Society

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Critical and Creative Thinking in Society
Mario L. Gabriel
PHL/458 Creative Minds and Critical Thinking
April 1, 2015
Dr. Charles Flowers

Job Related
A situation that required critical thinking and reasoning that could have been handled better of personnel management in the workplace selecting the right person for the job. The team constructed of six personnel and the situation required only four. Management not paying attention to the personnel that is on leave and would not be present for the additional events happening that week. Management could have used critical thinking and adjust the personnel to fill in the position for the missing personnel to cover down on the events. Management ignored the requirement for the events and told his counterpart that they will have to cover down on the event, even though he fell short in analyzing the up-coming situation that required at least four personnel. Although his actions showed that, he did not care and blamed someone else for the shortness of personnel. If management had used reasoning and critical thinking, he could have covered down on the situation to avoid the situation noticed of his ability to manage personnel. The use of critical thinking and analyzing the situation will give the individual better results to the outcome of any problem that arise. Definition

Free will is the power to make choices freely without any constraints or compulsions. Free will is a voluntary decision and an independent choice. It is the “capacity to respond in ways that oppose even the strongest influences” (Ruggiero, 2012). People possess free will. This is the reason why people’s decisions are unpredictable. Free will helps a person form thoughts. No matter the pressure or force placed on a person, the person will act on his or her own free will when making decisions. Truth is “the reality of the matter, as distinguished from what people wish so, believes to be son, or assert to be so” (Ruggiero, 2012). Truth is a fact. It does not change, only our knowledge change. Forming thoughts based on truth discards any doubt and places the evidence on the subject. Knowledge is what understood and known to be true. Thoughts formed through knowledge obtained through experience, observation, and report from others. Opinions are “intensely personal” (Ruggiero, 2012). It is a personal way to express ones judgment. Thoughts formed through opinions are mostly personal perceptions of how they interpret or believe the idea is (Ruggiero, 2012). Hindrances

The three hindrances to the critical think process are the mine-is-better habit, resistance to change, and conformity. Mine-is-better habit is the habit that hinders thinking through preferring own ideas for no other reasons that they are yours. The concept of handling situations that arise will highlight this type of mind set. This concept or idea slows down the thought process of the group from excelling. Management normally takes the easy way out, but waits for the situation to fail before he places the right person or adjust his mind set for the best results. Resistance

Resistance to change is the tendency to reject new ideas and new ways of seeing or doing without examining them fairly. The normal reason why we reject change in my line of work is the older ways worked and produced good results. A good example is using computers to record and track information, but we try not to understand the process of how Microsoft applications work to generate faster results. The denial of change slows down growth and progress of technology adapting to society advancements. The best way to overcome resistance is sit back and analyze the situation by using the decision-making process to achieve the best outcome. Conformity

Conformity is thinking the way others from the group believe to avoid being different. This process destroys an individual’s idea for a person trying to grow. You normally will see situation like...

References: Ruggiero, V. R. (2012). The Art Thinking. The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought (10th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Longman.
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