Critical and Creative Thinking

Topics: Thought, Problem solving, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: June 30, 2015
Critical and Creative Thinking
The most complex problem in my life right now is completing homework. I always wait until the very last possible moment to get it done, like right now. It’s not like I’m too busy to do it, I just don’t have the motivation to complete it. I’ve had the entire week to sit here and write about my complex problem, but now is 10pm on Sunday night and I am just getting to it. This is one of the issues right here with completing homework, the paper states 150 to 200 word per answer and I’ve felt like I’ve wrote everything that I’ve need to. 106s word and I am still not there, now you can see why I don’t have any motivation I’ve said all I can say and I still haven’t met the minimum requirement in completing my answer. I guess that is what you are looking for, answers with a bunch of words but no meaningful content. I look at creative and critical thinking as thinking inside and outside of the box. Creative thinking being outside and critical thinking being inside. Thinking outside of the box helps to give you a new outlook on your issues letting you come up with unorthodox solutions. Brainstorming is a good start to help you become a better creative thinker. Thinking inside the box is more of structured thinking, unlike creative it’s more to the point and one way thought process. I brainstormed ways that would help me solve the issue of completing my homework in a reasonable time period. If I were to stay at school after class ends, I can either finish it or complete a little of my work and it will be easier for me to come home and finish it. I could also brainstorm topics for my papers, so when I start to write them I have things to write about instead of going off the top of my head. This would also help with how long it takes me to complete an assignment. When I was critically thinking on ways to help me complete my work in a reasonable time I came up with devoting one day within the week where I don’t have class and just sit at the...
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