Critical Analysis of Theistic Evolution

Topics: Evolution, God, Theistic evolution Pages: 1 (704 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Roger Giesler
Religion and Science
Critical Analysis Paper 2

The essay Theistic Evolution, by Keith Ward, deals with the theory of evolution and the multiple points from which it can be analyzed in a theistic, atheistic, and even purely scientific point of view. Theistic evolution itself is the belief that God can be viewed as being compatible with modern scientific teachings and their views on evolution, meaning that theistic evolution is not a theory, but a set of views on evolution and their relationship with God and religious beliefs. Ward begins his essay by stating that he accepts the process of evolution as a factual occurrence. He also agrees that natural selection may be the main driving force behind evolution. Ward then goes on to discuss the purpose behind evolution, coming to the conclusion that it was chosen by God for some reason and that it must either be good in itself or lead to something that is good through a nonrandom means, but rather a chosen path. This argument is pretty much the basis for the rest of the essay and he goes on to elaborate upon it. As Ward gets into his essay he claims that since God created the universe and it was created with good intention for a good purpose, then evolution must not be random, but rather a choose-able good path. There is an issue with this theory however, since evolution has been known to have harmful effects upon species. If God is an all good God, then why would he create something that is harmful and without a good, designated purpose? Ward attempts to explain this through the idea of chance, stating that God chose chance to create the universe to give evolutionary agents the ability to choose. This is how Ward explains that evolution is not random. However, is not chance itself a random occurrence that is unpredictable? Ward uses a term that defines a random occurrence to explain how evolution can’t be a random process, therefor disproving his own argument I believe. Evolution,...
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