Critical Analysis of the Gardener by Rudyard Kipling

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The Gardener By Rudyard Kipling

It can be seen in "The Gardener" by Rudyard Kipling that the relationships are very complex. For example Helen Turrell, Michael Turrell and the gardeners relationship can be perceived in many different ways. The most likely scenario is that Helen is the mother, Michael the son and the gardener is the son resurrected but to determine this each of the characters need to be examined. To establish this theme it is best to look at the three main interpretations, Kiplings own history and his religious beliefs. By doing this it is possible to discover what Kiplings intentions were with the characters in question. It is subtly suggested throughout the story that Helen Turrell is Michael's biological mother. The opening paragraph explains that Helen Turrell is sister to recently deceased George Turrell, when he died he left a scandal in his wake of an illegitimate baby in India. Helen was suffering health issues and recovering in France, she returns back to her home in hampshire with her nephew Michael. Helen 'most nobly took charge' Kipling.R (1927 p.279) by deciding to raise Michael revealing to her friends the events that lead to her new position 'Helen was as open as the day' (p.279) by informing all her friends of the scandal as she believed 'scandals are only increased by hushing them up'. Although it could appear to be just as it is, Kipling leaves a margin for conspiracy to form and it is highly coincidental that Helen is away from prying eyes during the whole embarrassing event. It is also convenient that the nurse who bought Michael from Bombay was 'dismissed due to carelessness'(p.279). This all suggests that George's story was created as a cover. When Kipling himself talks about the relationship in his diary “Have begun a few lines on the story of Helen Turrell and her ‘nephew’ and the gardener in the great 20,000 cemetery.” Lewis.L (2004, para.9). By putting nephew in quotation marks Kipling is suggesting Helen is...

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