Critical Analysis of Media Techniques of Social Movements

Topics: Mass media, Animal rights, Sociology Pages: 8 (2629 words) Published: August 16, 2011
Critical analysis of media and/or campaigning techniques of social movements and social movement organization

In the mass world, we are taking many different actions and campaigns for protecting our rights and our world. Many of campaigns are successful by using mainstream media and alternative media. News media both print and electronic, websites, independently produced documentaries (film, TV and radio) are widely used. By means of media technology; the social issues are best described and presented. I am going to analysis some social campaigns including PETA, Voiceless, Right On Site and Get-Up. I am going to analysis the purpose of these campaigns and their targets to the audiences. I will also look at how they frame the issue and address of using media context to the audiences. Their success and limitation in promoting change will be discussed by comparison.

PETA [pic](PETA’s T-shirt on sale)

PETA is the short name of People for Ethic Treatment of Animals. It is a social organization, with more than 2.0 million members and supporters, and it is the largest animal rights organization in the world. PETA focuses its attention to animal welfare and protection issues. It rejects the idea of killing animals for food, fashion, by-products, furniture and decoration. It also opposes all forms of speciesism, animal testing; factory farming, and hunting, as well as using of animals in entertainment. ( 2009).

We can clearly see what PETA wants to achieve. PETA wants to protect animals. How do I know the purpose? Because their ideas are presented by using internet, news, video clips and images. When people go to PETA’s website, the alternative media are used to express their ideas. These alternative media includes images, Video clips, on-line news, documents, etc. ( 2009).The most impressed is images. People may not interest in the topic, but they must be interested in the pictures, the pictures of animals. PETA is telling people that animals are suffering by human desires through these media forms. The visual and auditory contents make people feel and think. What kind of people become the audiences and interacts with them? They are people who are vegetarians, people who love animals, people who have love and a sense of justice. They can be children, adults, or the elderly. In another word, audiences can be anyone who cares about animals.

PETA create opportunities for people who willing to help animals. People can choose to be a volunteer or donate money to support campaigns. As volunteers, people can interact with PETA directly, taking social movements such as fight against McDonalds, KFC, looking after stray dogs, feeding animals, be a part of procession, and so on. If people just want to donate money, they can donate online or by post. PETA also have innovative ideas to make social noise. PETA sell its signed T-shirts, Cups, Toys, and Cards, etc. (, 2009) the ideas can be taken to daily lives and affects the people around. The website also opens a blog that people can submit comments to PETA.Audiences can supervise the campaign and make personal suggestions or comments. It is a great method of addressing audience.

PETA wants telling people we are wrong to kill them selfishly. Their lives are much important than our desire. Though the bloody images and bloody facts, the only thing I am thinking is we are wrong! We should stop our stupid behaviour. Animals have rights to live. [pic] Change [pic]

Voiceless [pic] (friendship)
By looking at website, I am examine the social organization- Voiceless. Voiceless is an independent non-profit organization to help the animals in Australia. It established by father and daughter team. The aim of this social group is trying to help animals. They try to make non-species is born into a world with a fair chance of living a life (, 2009) Voiceless is using media technology to show...
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