Critical Analysis of "Bring Em Home"

Topics: Vietnam War, Army, Protest song Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Bring Em Home by Peter Seeger

As I was browsing the net searching for a popular culture item that was strictly anti war, I came across many different items; particularly songs. There were many songs that stood out, like Patti Smith’s “People have the Power”, and many of John Lennon’s songs like “Give Peace a Chance.” However the one song that I eventually picked for this assignment was written and sung by Peter Seeger, called “Bring Em Home,” (found at: Seeger’s song specifically reflects about the Vietnam War, as it references the conflict on multiple occasions throughout the song. Peter Seeger’s song portrays a strong message about anti war in reference to the Vietnam War and it emphasizes the opposition of the family members who’s loved ones were being sent overseas to fight a problematic and stressful war.

In the very beginning of the song and at the very end, Seeger references his song to the Vietnam War. He says “support our boys in Vietnam,” which clearly states that the song is in reference to the war. One thing that stands out in this song for me is the fact that Seeger keeps repeating “bring em home, bring em home,” which stresses on his strong belief in pulling the military troops from the war. The very first line of the song is “if you love your uncle Sam/, Bring em home, bring em home,” which Seeger is targeting towards the families of the men and women fighting in the war. This part of song seems to represent an antiwar case that states that all the American family members and friends fighting in the Vietnam War should come home. Seeger, in my opinion, is stating throughout this song that the best way to support the troops in the Vietnam war is to bring them home.

The thing that is most fascinating about this song is Seeger’s strong will and lack of hesitance to portray his opinion about the war. In one part of the song he sings “ I may be right, I may be wrong,/ Bring em...
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