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Topics: Barry, Comedy Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Arwan 1
Kevin Arwan
Professor Jo-Anne Johnson
English 1301
November 4, 2014
Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out by Dave Barry The subject of Dave Barry’s “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out” is the difference between men and women. Women’s thoroughness cannot be underestimated, in fact, most of housemaids are women. Have you ever cleaned a room that took you two hours to clean, then you ‘’think’’ the room was clean and in perfect condition, suddenly your mom came in and started to pointing out the dirty spots in the room? You just standing there stiffly and thinking “How is that even possible?” Women are ingenious, they could spot something that could not be seen by men with bare eyes. This story was written in the 1980s. The creation of this essay is implied in the introduction, it says “This essay from Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits (1988)”. In addition, the author uses television and radio for depicting the situation, which could be considered as “old” electronics. The origin of this essay is in the America. It was stated that New York Times has called Barry “the funniest man in America.” This essay’s target audience is men and women in relationships. Barry’s target is exhibited by showing his regular daily life tragedy with his family “She gives me this look that she has perfected, the same look she used on me the time I selected Robert’s outfit for school and part of it turned out to be pajamas.” (Pgs:232) Also, Barry kept comparing men and women about how different they both react toward an event or occasion. The author’s purpose in “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out” is to entertain and inform the reader. The way he provides tragedy and his humorous side mixed up together created an amazing story. He writes “The primary difference between men and women is that women can see extremely

Arwan 2
small quantities of dirt.” (Pgs:231) Even though what he wrote above is not proven, that shows the fundamental...
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