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Introductions: Understanding the Social World

Assignment 1

Critical analysis of a published article (1200 words)

A new deal for Lone Parents? Training lone parents for work in West London

The article, written by the Royal Geographical Society (With the institute of British Geographers, 2008) discusses about the impacts of the new training programmes in which the government have decided to offer to lone parents with young children. Some may have argued that this has been beneficial for both lone parents and children to encourage lone parents (particularly mothers) to take up employment opportunities in order to support their children, such as childcare employment, instead of receiving benefits. ‘‘We are affirming our commitment to helping the country’s lone parents into work. We know that work is the best route out of poverty’’ (Hain 2007.) 1I will attempt to identify the strengths and weaknesses, find some information to investigate into this topic more deeply, and find the purposes of the article.

Some feminists and various focus groups have argued that this isn’t the right route for lone parents as it provides months of voluntary work before entering paid employment, which leaves them being entitled to spend more time with other children instead their own. This article also suggests that the new government scheme could cause some form of social exclusion to lone parents and decrease their position in the society seeing that are better off staying at home since benefits are just as low paid, in addition to being unlikely to be in paid employment. “The benefits being so low, that woman actually like to stay at home and enjoy their children” (Focus Group. Hounslow) 2

The article seems to be predominately aimed at single mothers, through the context ‘Lone parents’ who are supposedly going through similar issues; nevertheless, it’s mostly aimed at women living in the West London area. On the other hand, using the term ‘Lone Parents’ could...

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