Critical Analysis

Topics: Homosexuality, Homophobia, LGBT social movements Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: April 22, 2013
A Critical Analysis on the article,
“Gay Rights in Developing Countries: A Well-Locked Closet”

The article, Gay Rights in Developing Countries: A Well-Locked Closet, in The Economist, from the May 27th, 2010 edition, is written to inform readers of The Economist, especially the readers in the United Kingdom, about the discrimination against homosexuals in developing countries and that reasons behind the discrimination are not only because of their countries’ culture.

Though the article’s purpose is to inform its readers, biasness is found in the article. The author only gives information on how homosexuals are victims who poor countries are undermining, what they say is, because the fear of how homosexuality discriminate a country’s values and its culture. The author mentions the many reasons behind the discrimination of homosexuals, which are far beyond a country’s cultural beliefs. An informing article at least consists of two sides to the story but this article however, fails to mention the other side of the story. It only says the ugly side of the discrimination of homosexuals but it does not say anything about the possible positive effects of this act. The author mentions how African politicians take advantage of civilians’ homophobia in campaigning for their elections.

As for the logos of this article, the author does a decent job in raising the audience’s awareness of how homosexuals are mistreated despite them being human beings, like the rest of the world, but not being seen like one. The author’s thesis of the article is quite clear, although he did not specifically state it, the information he provided and the evidence he brought up points directly to what he wants the overall picture of the article to be. The author supports his thesis with reasons and evidence but for the strength and the credibility, it is another question. He wants the audience to know that homosexuals in poor countries are being treated wrongly, and their rights as human...
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