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Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Meter Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: November 8, 2012
In this course the three poems that I related to the most was the ballad of a chocolate Mabbie by Gwendolyn Brooks (130) , Bonny Barbara Allen by Anonymous (132), and The Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare (131). One of the main reason’s I found these poems the most interesting was because I was able to understand the writer and their point of view of the message on love that they were trying to share. The most easiest to analyze was the story of Mabbie, a poor girl who has a crush on a boy who barely notices who she is. I guess the main reason why it was the easiest was because I could relate to Mabbie, and thought that perhaps her name stood for something other than a true name of a little girl, perhaps Mabbie is whom ever or whatever you may want it to be. Truly the ballad is about desiring someone that you cannot have at this moment. The hardest for me to decipher was Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare, one of the main reasons this was not easy for me is because I have never been good at Sonnets in addition, William uses metaphors to deliver his message. In order to accuratly analyze his poems knowledge must be obtained about his era and how they communicated to one another and then try and decipher the poem. Regardless of the challenges faced while analyzing the poems I believe I successfully completed the task.

The first poem I analyzed was The ballad of chocolate Mabbie by Gwendolyn Brooks writes a poem about a girl named Mabbie, who has a crush on a boy named Willie Boone. This is evident in the second stanza lines 7 and 8, “ When she sat by him in history class, Was only her eyes were cool” (Brooks 130). She would wait for him at the front doors of the school, as she knew when to be expecting him. Although her efforts were in vain, as he did not recognize her admiration and as a result he was more attracted to a fair skinned girl.

This poem is a traditional ballad form poem written in the four in stanza. The first and third lines are written...

Cited: Twiggs, Christopher, et al. Introduction to Literature, Second Edition, Florida State College at Jacksonville, 2009 print.
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