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Topics: Beverly Hills, California, South Dakota, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (568 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Dances with wolves- locations
The setting and location on were they filmed this movie was done perfect. It’s based on a United States Army lieutenant that has to look over this Outpost Fort Sedgewick. While he is there he encounters Sioux Indians trying to steal his horse, but cisco his horse comes back each time. So he sets out to communicate with them, and finds out they are nice people that just want to be left alone. I looked it up were it was filmed in and got these Specific locations included the “Badlands National Park”, the Black Hills in south Dakota is where there winter camp was the Sioux. Also the Sage Creek Wilderness Area and the Belle Fourche River area is where the Indians summer camp was. The buffalo hunt scenes were filmed at the Triple U Buffalo Ranch outside Pierre, South Dakota. They also had some scenes shot near Jackson Hole Wyoming. Clip on the locations where it was filmed- then stop at 2 to 3 min into the clip. “Pretty women”- locations

The locations of filming of pretty women are- Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills CA. "Giorgio Beverly Hills - 273 North Rodeo Drive is the store where she shopped for her cocktail dresses in Beverly Hills, California. Vivian's apartment is the “Las Palmas hotel” in Hollywood California. The polo match was filmed at "Los Angeles Equestrian Center Burbank, CA. “Walt Disney Studios” Burbank CA, is where they made sets for the movie. Clips-

Before see was dressed nice the stigma of a hooker- 1:30 clip Shopping huge mistake scene and hoe they look at her differently cause of the way she is dressed clip- 1 min and 30sec clip

“Dances with wolves”- in this movie almost all of it is filmed outdoors using natural lighting. But there are...
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